Ant & Crawling Insect Killer Spray


Doff Ant & Crawling Insect Killer Spray: Fast-Acting Solution

  • Kills Ants, Beetles, Cockroaches, Flies, Moths, Mosquitoes & Wasps
  • Easy-to-Use Fast-Acting Formulation
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Contains Cypermethrin

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Swiftly Eliminate Insects with Doff Ant & Crawling Insect Killer Spray

Experience the power of Doff Ant & Crawling Insect Killer Spray, a ready-to-use solution designed for effective control against crawling and flying insects. Whether it’s ants, ticks, fleas, beetles, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, moths, or wasps, this fast-acting insecticide is formulated to combat them all. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it provides a convenient solution for insect problems around your home.

Contained within an easy-to-use 1 litre pump action spray bottle, this insect killer spray is designed for quick and efficient application. The formulation contains cypermethrin, a potent active ingredient known for its effectiveness against a wide range of insects. This product allows you to take control of your insect situation and create a more comfortable living environment.


  • Kills ants, beetles, cockroaches, flies, moths, mosquitoes & wasps.
  • Easy-to-use fast-acting formulation.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Contains cypermethrin for effective insect control.


What’s Included: 1 x 1 Litre Doff Ant & Crawling Insect Killer Spray



  • Volume: 1 litre
  • Active Ingredient: Cypermethrin