Asombro 8-Strand 14k Gold-Clad Necklace


Sku: 21821

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The shortcut to buried treasure!History is full of headlines like, Local man stumbles on ancient gold or Scuba crew discovers Spanish coin cargo. You read the stories and wish it was you. You wonder if maybe there are more fortunes to be found, missing at sea or hiding underground. But before you rush outside with a shovel or jump headfirst into the Atlantic, wed like to save you some trouble. Because for every lucky stiff, there are a million broken hearts. If you want to win the luxury lottery, forget about digging and diving. Weve found a much easier way.

Our Asombro 8-Strand Necklace is a treasure that doesnt play hard to get. This 18″ stunner is a classic golden beauty with a twist. The eight gold-finished strands combine for a look of weighty affluence. But the airy popcorn chains make this accessory the ultimate lightweight luxury. All of the chains meet at a pair of goldfinished, decorative end caps that connect with a lobster clasp and 2″extender.

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