Azurine Blue Quartz Necklace


Sku: 21961

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Investment advice from the trader who rocked Wall Street

Invest in Romance! Add 100 carats of Azurine Quartz to your portfolio.Years ago, they called you a rogue. Your portfolio was driven by passion. Investments were impulsive. You took chances on long-shots. You gambled in hope of high returns. The only financial advice you took was your own. And then you met her.

Suddenly the idea of a long-term investment seemed right. So you changed your strategy. You gave her your heart and put everything you had into blue chips. High value investments that take serious commitment but yield the sweetest dividends. You weren’t out to make a quick buck. You found something you believed in and gave it time and patience. Not everyone is lucky enough to find the right investment, but when you do, you stick with it.

If she’s your “blue chip investment,” let her know with the Azurine Necklace. The 100 carats of beautiful blue quartz confirm your commitment, letting her know that this is the real thing and you value her above everything else.

Look closely at the Azurine Necklace and you’ll see the light dancing inside every smooth lozenge of semi-translucent quartz. Each is connected and complemented by gold-plated silver beads in this 18″ strand. The necklace secures with a .925 sterling silver clasp with added 2″ extender.

And we’ve saved the best money news for last. While most blue chip stocks will empty your bank account, our Azurine Necklace is a virtual steal!

Stauer 30-day Guarantee: Examine your purchase in the privacy and convenience of your own home or workplace, knowing that it comes with a 30-day Guarantee (unless otherwise stated).