Bernard Cornwell – War Of The Wolf Read by Matt Bates

In the battle for power, Uhtred of Bebbanburg faces enemies old and new, torn between loyalties, as rebellion brews in Mercia and rival factions vie for control in Wessex, challenging the legendary warrior to confront formidable adversaries.


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Read by Matt Bates

In the battle for power, two enemies will collide. Uhtred of Bebbanburg has won back his ancestral home but, threatened from all sides by enemies both old and new, he doesn’t have long to enjoy the victory. In Mercia, rebellion is in the air as King Edward tries to seize control. In Wessex, rival parties scramble to settle on the identity of the next king. Uhtred – a legendary warrior, admired and sought as an ally, feared as an adversary – finds himself once again torn between his two heritages: fighting on what he considers the wrong side, cursed by misfortune and tragedy and facing one of his most formidable enemies. ( 12 CD Set)