Bob Marley – Bob Marley In Dub and Remixed

This collection of 24 tracks features an array of dub remixes, including “Soul Rebel,” “African Herbsman,” and “Satisfy My Soul Jah-Jah,” providing a fresh perspective on Bob Marley’s timeless reggae classics.


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Sku: GTDC2905

24 Tracks Including: Soul Rebel (Pistel Dub Remix), Don’t Rock My Boat (In Dub Remix), Try Me (Dub), African Herbsman (Sen Dog/Cypress Hill Remix), Fussin’ & Fightin’ (David Harrow Remix), Put It On (Astralasia Remix), African Herbsman (Meek Remix), Hypocrites (Dub), Satisfy My Soul Jah-Jah (Dub), Soul Almighty (Dub), Thank You Lord (Dub), Don’t Rock My Boat (Sheep On Drugs Remix), Brain Washing (Filter Section Remix), Plus Many More. ( 2 CD )