Decorators Kit


Complete Decorators Kit: Upgrade Your DIY!

  • Comprehensive decorating essentials
  • Efficient 1600W heat gun
  • Precision electric spray gun
  • Sturdy scraper and shave hook
  • Protective dust sheet included

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Unleash Your Inner Decorator with Our All-in-One Kit!

Step up your DIY game with our Decorators Kit, designed specifically to cater to all your decorating needs. Whether you’re stripping old wallpaper, applying a fresh coat of paint, or preparing surfaces for a revamp, this kit has got you covered.

Start by easily removing old wallpaper using the included wallpaper stripper. The 1600W heat gun in the kit makes tasks like paint stripping and drying filler a breeze, cutting down your work time. The electric spray gun ensures even paint application, giving your walls a professional finish. The robust wallpaper scraper and shave hook come in handy for prepping surfaces, ensuring they are smooth and ready for decorating. And, to keep your interiors clean, the kit includes a protective dust sheet to catch drips and debris.


  • All-in-One: Everything you need for a decorating project.
  • Efficient: High-power 1600W heat gun for fast and effective work.
  • Precision: Electric spray gun for even and smooth paint application.
  • Sturdy Tools: Reliable scraper and shave hook for surface preparation.
  • Clean Work: Dust sheet ensures a mess-free decorating experience.


What’s Included:

  • Wallpaper Stripper
  • 1600W Heat Gun
  • Electric Spray Gun
  • Wallpaper Scraper and Shave Hook
  • Dust Sheet



  • Heat Gun Power: 1600W
  • Spray Gun Type: Electric
  • Dust Sheet Material: Durable fabric or plastic (specific material can be added based on the product)