Deli Slicer

Effortless slicing and peeling, kitchen essentials combo!

  • Versatile Deli Slicer for precise slicing.
  • Adjustable blade for various thicknesses.
  • Speedy Peel for quick and easy peeling.
  • Minimal effort, maximum safety.
  • Upgrade your kitchen experience.


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Sku: H66721

Slice and peel with precision using the dynamic duo – Deli Slicer and Speedy Peel. Effortlessly handle a variety of slicing tasks with the adjustable Deli Slicer, while the Speedy Peel ensures quick and safe peeling. 

Elevate your kitchen experience with this essential combo!

Description: Transform your kitchen tasks with the Deli Slicer and Speedy Peel combo, designed for effortless slicing and peeling. The versatile Deli Slicer comes with an adjustable blade, allowing you to achieve the desired thickness for bread, sausage, ham, cheese, and more. The adjustable slice guide adds precision to your slicing tasks, giving you control over the outcome.

As part of this fantastic package, you’ll also receive the Speedy Peel, a powerful tool for quick and easy peeling of various fruits and vegetables. With minimal effort and maximum safety, the Speedy Peel enhances efficiency in your kitchen, making food preparation a joy. Upgrade your kitchen experience with this essential combo that brings precision, versatility, and ease to your slicing and peeling tasks.

What’s Included:

  • Deli Slicer with adjustable blade
  • Adjustable slice guide for desired thickness
  • Speedy Peel for quick and easy peeling


  • Deli Slicer
  • Speedy Peel

Disclaimer: Exercise caution and follow safety guidelines when using sharp blades. Keep out of reach of children.