Destiny Necklace & Box



  • Enameled pendant with 18″+2″ yellow gold-finished
  • Pendant
  • 3mmx2.1mm
  • Enameled keepsake box 2″x1 1/2″x5/8″
  • Box 70 grams
  • Necklace 10 grams

Original price was: £129.99.Current price is: £64.99.
Sku: 49411

Shakespeare… in love

Since the beginning of time, men have turned to paper and pen to navigate the often-complex thoroughfares of the heart. And, among the best was William Shakespeare. Often called Englands poet, Shakespeare is considered the greatest dramatist of all time.

His works have been celebrated for more than 400 years. From 1590 to 1613, he wrote a total of 37 plays. Shakespeares writings capture the range of human emotion.

The genius of Shakespeares characters and plots are that they present real human beings in a wide range of emotions and conflicts that transcend their origins in Elizabethan England. He was especially adept at presenting love and matters of the heart and all the diverse complications.

Bring the rich and storied heritage of Shakespeares poetic vision to life with this necklace presented in a matching keepsake box.

Featuring a line from Shakespeares, Julius Caesar:Its not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.When words escape you, this is a wonderful way to let your heart be known.