Duo Long Storage

Organise with ease; elevate your bathroom.

  • Unique two-way fixing mechanism
  • Suction fix for shiny surfaces
  • Screw fix for diverse surfaces
  • Easy removal for cleaning
  • Keeps bathroom essentials organised



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Sku: H64438

Simplify your bathroom storage with the Duo Long Storage Unit’s unique fixing options.

Introducing the Duo Long Storage Unit – the quintessential solution for a clutter-free bathroom. Every bathroom deserves a touch of organisation and elegance, and this storage unit effortlessly delivers both. Its distinctive two-way fixing system is its standout feature: for those shiny, smooth surfaces, the suction fix is your go-to, ensuring a seamless, drill-free installation. But for those more rugged or matte surfaces? The screw fix option has you covered. Beyond its adaptability, the Duo Long Storage Unit is a breeze to remove, ensuring that cleaning it is as effortless as using it. Dive into a more organised and stylish bathroom experience with this versatile caddy.


  • Versatile two-way fixing system
  • Drill-free suction option for smooth surfaces
  • Sturdy screw fix option for all other surfaces
  • Hassle-free removal design
  • Ideal for storing various bathroom essentials


What’s Included:

  • One Duo Long Storage Unit with two-way fixing components



  • Fixing methods: Suction and Screw options