Eckman Electric Weed & Charcoal Burner


Eco-friendly Weed Removal and BBQ Starter

  • Flameless & gas-free operation
  • Precise weed targeting
  • Dual temperature settings
  • BBQ lighting functionality
  • No chemicals required

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Sku: EKDT4000

Eckman’s Environmentally Friendly Approach to Gardening

Bid adieu to toxic weed killers and choose the eco-friendly path with the Eckman Weed Burner. Designed with utmost precision, this innovative burner ensures you eliminate the stubborn weeds without causing any harm to neighbouring plants or the soil. Its unique design ensures no gas or flames are used, only bursts of controlled heat that target and destroy the weed. Additionally, it’s not just about weeds – its innovative adaptor end can also double as a BBQ starter, concentrating heat to light up your barbecue with ease.

With two adjustable heat settings of 50°C and 600°C, this device is crafted to tackle a diverse range of weed removal tasks, giving you the flexibility to control its intensity. Convenience is at the forefront, with its built-in retractable stand and detachable handle ensuring easy storage and transportation. Lightweight in design and super easy to use – simply plug it into the mains, and embark on a hassle-free weed removal session.


  • Adjustable Heat: Comes with two temperature settings for tailored weed removal.
  • Precision Targeting: Directive cone ensures precise targeting without affecting nearby plants.
  • User-friendly Design: Ergonomic with a long handle, this burner promises a fatigue-free operation.
  • Dual Utility: Besides weed removal, the device can also help ignite BBQs.
  • Cost-efficient: A one-time investment, saving costs on gas canisters and chemicals.



  • Voltage: 230V-240V~/50Hz
  • Input Power: 2000W
  • Temperature Settings:
    • Heat function I: 50 C , 500L/min
    • Heat function II: 600 C , 500L/min
  • Air Flow: 550L/min
  • Cable Length: 8 metres


Embrace a green and efficient gardening solution with the Eckman Weed Burner. Not only will you achieve a pristine garden, but you’ll also be taking a sustainable approach that benefits the environment.