Elena Ferrante – The Neapolitan Novels Full Cast Dramatisation

“The Neapolitan Novels,” adapted by the BBC, offer a glimpse into the complex and enduring friendship between Lila and Lena, two girls from postwar Naples. Their relationship is marked by love, pain, support, and turmoil, creating a lifelong bond that unfolds against the backdrop of the vibrant streets of Naples.



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Full Cast Dramatisation

From one of Italy’s most acclaimed authors, The Neapolitan Novels is an exploration of the friendship between Lila and Lena, two bright young girls who grew up in the tough, rough streets of postwar Naples. This is no normal friendship; it’s a friendship that loves, hurts, supports and destroys – and yet it is one that lasts a lifetime. These four full-cast BBC adaptations bring the streets of Naples vividly to life ( 10 CD Set )