Faceted Emerald Necklace

Brazil expedition uncovers thousands of carats of natural emeralds


Sku: 17108

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Halfway into our ambitious trek through the rainforest I had to remind myself that “Nothing good comes easy.” These days it seems that every business trip to Brazil includes a sweltering hike through overgrown jungles, around cascading waterfalls and down steep rock cliffs. But our seller insisted it was worth the trouble. To tell you the truth, for more of the deals he delivered, I’d gladly go back to stomping through jaguar country. Faced with an embarassment of riches, our designer transformed this spectacular cache of large stones into a stunning collection of faceted emerald cabochons set into .925 sterling silver. Each emerald is surrounded by delicate sterling silver ropework and filigree in the Bali-style. The 18″ necklace dangles from a sterling silver chain that fastens with an S clasp. The 8″ bracelet secures with a sterling silver hook. Each piece combines the rough, raw beauty of the rainforests with the flash and dazzle of the Rio Carnival.