Fridge Fresh

Nature’s Answer to Fresher Fridges!

  • Compact purification device
  • Utilises active oxygen for neutralisation
  • Prolongs food freshness
  • Chemical-free and carcinogen-free solution
  • Eco-friendly way to reduce food waste


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Achieve a Mountain Meadow Freshness in Your Fridge with Fridge Fresh!

Discover the power of nature’s freshness with Fridge Fresh. Designed as a sleek, compact device, it’s your ultimate answer to a cleaner, fresher refrigerator environment. By releasing active oxygen, this device tirelessly works to neutralise a myriad of unwanted guests – from bacteria and mould to yeasts and viruses. The result? A fridge interior that’s not only purer but smells refreshingly like a mountain meadow.

What sets Fridge Fresh apart is its commitment to a chemical-free approach. Forget the traditional harmful cleaning agents, carcinogens, and other abrasive products. This device ensures your edibles remain untouched by any such substances, ensuring they stay fresh and flavourful for a more extended period. Plus, by reducing food spoilage, you’re also playing your part in cutting down on food waste and being kinder to the environment.


  • Active Oxygen Dispersion: Effectively combats and neutralises a range of microbes, ensuring your fridge remains a safe storage space.
  • Eco-Friendly: A sustainable approach to fridge freshness, reducing potential food waste.
  • Safety First: Ditch the chemicals. Fridge Fresh offers a natural way to keep your refrigerator environment pure.



  • Device Type: Compact Air Purifier for Fridges
  • Functionality: Active oxygen release


What’s Included:

  • 1 Fridge Fresh Device


How to Use:

  • Simply place the Fridge Fresh device in a convenient location within your fridge. Ensure it’s not obstructed to allow efficient dispersion of active oxygen.


Disclaimer: Regularly check the device for optimal performance and replace as needed. Not a replacement for regular fridge cleaning. Always maintain general fridge hygiene alongside using this device.