Fruit Trees – Set of 3 Apple, Cherry and Pear

Grow Fruit in Any Space: Compact and Thriving

  • Ideal for small spaces: gardens, balconies, terraces
  • Includes Apple, Cherry, and Pear trees
  • Self-pollinating, monecious varieties
  • Produces full-sized fruit in the first year
  • Supplied at 60-70cm, grows up to 200cm

Sku: H66038-FIG

Cultivate a mini orchard on your patio with our Dwarf Patio Pillar Fruit Trees, offering a bountiful harvest in compact urban spaces.

Your urban garden can be a source of delicious, home-grown fruits with our selection of dwarf fruit trees, specifically chosen for small spaces. Our collection includes the crisp ‘Malus domestica – Red Top’, the succulent ‘Bigarreau Burlat – Sweet Cherry’, and the versatile ‘Pyrus communis – Santa Maria & Williams’, each bred to thrive in limited spaces without sacrificing fruit size or taste.

Spring brings a burst of blooms, followed by an abundance of fruit ready to be plucked. These self-fertile varieties ensure a bountiful harvest, making them an excellent choice for gardeners with limited space. With an initial height of 60-70cm upon delivery, these trees will reach a modest height of up to 200cm, perfect for maintaining and harvesting without the need for ladders.

Beyond the joy of harvesting, these trees offer year-round visual interest, from the delicate spring flowers to the lush summer foliage and autumn hues. They’re not just fruit bearers; they’re a beautiful addition to any patio, terrace, or small garden, providing a personal touch of nature’s bounty right outside your door.

Variety Highlights:

Malus domestica – Red Top (Apple) The ‘Red Top’ apple tree is a resilient cultivar that produces crisp, delightful apples with a balanced flavour profile suitable for both eating fresh and cooking. Its blossoms are a sight to behold in spring, with pink to white petals that attract pollinators. This tree’s manageable size doesn’t detract from its ability to produce a generous crop of fruit, which are typically ready for harvest in early to mid-autumn.

Bigarreau Burlat – Sweet Cherry The ‘Bigarreau Burlat’ is an early fruiting cherry tree variety known for its sweet and juicy cherries, perfect for snacking right off the branch. It produces large, dark red cherries that are often among the first to ripen in the cherry season. Its blossoms are also particularly beautiful, making it a dual-purpose tree for both aesthetic and culinary enjoyment.

Pyrus communis – Santa Maria & Williams (Pear) The ‘Santa Maria & Williams’ pear trees are renowned for their tender and aromatic fruit, which are typically harvested from late summer into autumn. ‘Santa Maria’ pears are appreciated for their sweet flavour and buttery flesh, while ‘Williams’, also known as ‘Bartlett’, pears are classic, with a true pear shape and equally delightful taste. Both varieties have white blossoms in the spring and are known for their hardiness and consistent production.

Each of these trees has been selected for its suitability to container growing and small garden spaces, ensuring that even the most space-constrained gardener can enjoy the full experience of fruit growing. With their self-pollinating nature, these trees eliminate the need for multiple plants to ensure fruit set, making them ideal for those with limited space who still wish to indulge in the pleasure of fresh, home-grown fruit.


  • Space-efficient, perfect for compact areas
  • Includes popular fruit varieties: apple, cherry, pear
  • Self-pollinating trees for ease of cultivation
  • Hardy varieties suitable for UK climate
  • Annual pruning for health and productivity

What’s Included:

  • 1 ‘Malus domestica – Red Top’ (Apple)
  • 1 ‘Bigarreau Burlat’ (Sweet Cherry)
  • 1 ‘Pyrus communis – Santa Maria & Williams’ (Pear)
  • Easy-to-follow planting and care guide
  • Identification tags for each variety


  • Plant Type: Dwarf Fruit Trees
  • Delivered Height: 60cm-70cm
  • Expected Growth Height: Up to 200cm
  • Soil Preference: Well-draining, fertile soil
  • Sun Exposure: Full sun to partial shade


  • Plant growth and fruit yield depend on individual care and environmental conditions.
  • Check the compatibility of the plant with your local climate and soil type before purchase.
  • Non-delivery areas include the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man due to shipping restrictions.