Gel Toe Spreaders – 8 Piece

Friction-reducing Toe Spreader Set for Comfort!

  • Creates space between big toe and second toe
  • Extended Find – Flared top and bottom for stability
  • Set includes 2 large spreaders (approx. 2.25″ each)
  • Set includes 4 smaller spreaders (approx. 1.5″ each)
  • Experience ultimate toe comfort and relief


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Discover the ultimate comfort and relief with our Toe Spreader Set!

Designed to reduce friction and provide relief, this set includes toe spreaders that create space between your big toe and second toe, helping alleviate discomfort and pressure.

The extended fin design, featuring a flared top and bottom, ensures that the spreader stays securely in place, providing continuous support for your toes. No more worrying about readjusting them frequently!

The set includes two large spreaders, approximately 2.25″ each, specifically crafted to separate your big toe from the second toe. Additionally, you’ll receive four smaller spreaders, each approximately 1.5″ in size, to further enhance toe alignment and comfort.

Experience the joy of walking without discomfort and friction with our Toe Spreader Set. Embrace the freedom of movement and enjoy your day to the fullest, thanks to the effective and supportive design of these spreaders.

What’s included:

  • Toe Spreader Set (2 large spreaders, 4 smaller spreaders)



  • Design: Toe spreader for reduced friction and improved comfort
  • Extended Find: Flared top and bottom for stability
  • Sizes: 2 large spreaders (approx. 2.25″ each), 4 smaller spreaders (approx. 1.5″ each)