Heart of the Volcano Necklace

  • 1/3 carats total weight
  • 15mm Heart cut Blue Helenite
  • 925 sterling silver
  • 16 Necklace with 2 extender and lobster clasp


Sku: 44414

The Heart of the Volcano Earrings are a billion-dollar look. The famous movie about the tragedy of the Titanic features a stunning heart-shaped blue diamond, named the Heart of the Ocean. Thought to have sunk along with the unsinkable ship, its revealed that the luxurious blue jewel survived and has been kept safe since 1912 by the woman who was given this extraordinary jewel as a necklace. Returning to the site of the shipwreck, she drops the necklace into the blue of the waves, where it will be reunited with the famous ship.Inspired by this treasure, the Heart of the Volcano Necklace has been created from the aftermath of a more recent disaster.The 1980 eruption of Mount St Helens wreaked havoc, but in the aftermath it was discovered that the volcanic material could be transformed intostunning, richly coloured stones. Heart of the Volcano Necklace carries over nine carats of luxurious blue helenite, with a trim of the Ultimate Diamond Alternative DiamondAura accent stones. Though near identical in appearance, the major difference between the Heart of the Ocean and the Heart of the Volcano is the price. In the movie, the young womans fianc needed to be a billionaire to purchase the Heart of the Ocean, but were able to offer the Heart of the Volcano for a price that wont sink your bank account. You might even call that a Titanic difference.