Jane Anderson’s Deceptions Bride Book

  • Historical romance with thrilling high-seas adventure
  • Unwanted marriage leads to a daring escape
  • Strong-willed heroine and debonair cavalier
  • Original classic by Jane Anderson
  • Love triumphs over perilous challenges


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Escape to Love on the High Seas.

  • A Tale of Love and Adventure: “Deception’s Bride” by Jane Anderson is an enthralling historical romance novel that transports readers to a world of forced marriages, daring escapades, and undying love. Follow the journey of Donella Livingstone, a determined heroine, as she escapes an unwanted marriage and embarks on a high-seas adventure in the company of the charming cavalier, Weylin Lawrence.
  • Unforgettable Characters: Jane Anderson’s storytelling prowess shines as she introduces you to Donella and Weylin, two characters whose chemistry and resilience will keep you glued to the pages. Root for their love as they navigate treacherous waters and face perilous challenges.
  • Original and Timeless: First published in May 1998, “Deception’s Bride” has stood the test of time as a classic in the romance genre. With its original plot and captivating narrative, it continues to win the hearts of readers, making it a must-read for anyone who appreciates historical romance.
  • A Journey of Love: Immerse yourself in a tale where love triumphs over adversity and where every twist and turn of the plot leaves you yearning for more. Experience the thrill of adventure and the power of love in “Deception’s Bride.”


  • Title: Deception’s Bride Mass Market Paperback
  • Author: Jane Anderson
  • Publisher: Pinnacle; First Edition (May 1, 1998)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0786005092
  • ISBN-13: 978-0786005093
  • Item Weight: 5.1 ounces
  • Dimensions: 4.25 x 0.75 x 7.25 inches

“Deception’s Bride” is a timeless romance novel that promises an unforgettable journey filled with passion, adventure, and the enduring power of love. Don’t miss the chance to dive into this classic tale that has captivated readers for decades.