Mare di Amore Earrings

  • Venice’s winding alleys hold hidden gems.
  • Encounter a woman with Murano glass earrings.
  • She prefers the modern aesthetic of translucent glass.
  • Her brother is a Murano glassmaker.
  • The Mare di Amore Earrings showcase aquamarine Murano glass.

Sku: 52579

Visit the Italian Sea of Love

Translucent glasswork inspired by the sea

The only thing better than gliding through a Venice canal on a gondola is taking a stroll down her many winding alleys, where the tourist traffic dissipates and the trinket shops give way to cozy wine bars.

Having spent the previous night visiting an old friend, I’d sought out a quiet hole-in-the-wall to lunch alone and nurse my hangover. I was about to dig into a hot bowl of pasta e fagioli when a woman walked in, sat down at the small table next to mine and ordered a glass of pinot nero. When she smiled and said hello, I was struck right away by her blue eyes and no-nonsense manner. The next thing I noticed was her earrings of watery aquamarine beads arranged artfully.

She told me the beads were from Murano, the legendary glassmaking island a stone’s throw from there. I must have looked surprised, because she quickly explained that while Murano is known for producing ornate beads characterized by intricate lampwork and silver foil, she prefers the clean, modern aesthetic of translucent glass. By our second pour of wine, she’d revealed that her brother was a glassmaker on the island and invited me to come with her to watch him work the following day. We arranged to meet at the docks in the morning, but not before I snapped a picture of her earrings — I had a hunch she wasn’t the only woman who would be enchanted by the simpler side of Murano.

Meet the Mare di Amore Earrings, jewelry that is the epitome of all Murano has to offer. Translated as the “Sea of Love,” the Mare di Amore Earrings showcase stunning aquamarine Murano glasswork in a flawless design.

Don’t be left adrift among the thousands of jewelry options there. Pick the “Sea of Love” and you’ll always find your way back to port.

  • Original Murano glass
  • Yellow Gold-finished alloy setting
  • 1 1/2″ overall drop
  • French hooks