Metal Trough Pastel Planters

Elevate Your Outdoor Spaces with Durable Metal Trough Planters

  • Made from Sturdy and Long-lasting Metal
  • Attached Metal Handles for Mobility
  • Black Foam Stoppers on the Base Prevent Movement
  • Suitable for Patios, Windowsills, and More
  • Dimensions: 27cm x 10.8cm x 22cm
  • Sold as Pack of 1, Colours Selected at Random


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Enhance the Charm of Your Outdoor Spaces with Durable Metal Trough Planters

Add a touch of elegance and functionality to your patios, windowsills, and other outdoor areas with our Durable Metal Trough Planters. Crafted from robust and long-lasting metal, these planters are designed to elevate the visual appeal of your surroundings while offering practicality.

Each planter is thoughtfully equipped with attached metal handles, ensuring mobility and ease of transportation. Whether you’re repositioning them to capture the perfect sunlight or arranging them to create a stunning arrangement, these planters make your gardening endeavours effortless.

To keep your outdoor display in place, each planter features black foam stoppers on the base. These stoppers not only prevent movement but also provide stability, allowing you to enjoy your green creations without any worry.

Measuring 27cm x 10.8cm x 22cm, these metal trough planters are compact yet spacious enough to accommodate a variety of plants, herbs, or flowers. Their versatile dimensions make them an ideal fit for patios, windowsills, or any outdoor space you wish to adorn.

Sold as a pack of 1, these planters come in assorted colours, adding an element of surprise and vibrancy to your outdoor oasis. Each colour is selected at random, ensuring a unique and personalised touch to your garden.


  • Material: Durable Metal
  • Dimensions: 27cm x 10.8cm x 22cm
  • Pack includes: 1 Metal Trough Planter
  • Colors: Selected at Random

What’s Included:

  • 1 Durable Metal Trough Planter