Multi-Blade Shredder Scissors

Shred Safely, Anywhere, Anytime!

  • 5-blade stainless steel design
  • Quick, manual shredding
  • No electricity required
  • Ideal for confidential documents
  • Multi-purpose: Kitchen to office


Back In Stock: 30th May 2024

Sku: H63946

Transforming safety and convenience with every snip.

In an age dominated by digital convenience, security concerns such as identity theft and credit card fraud remain very real. The solution? Our Multi-Blade Shredder Scissors. Equipped with five stainless steel blades, these scissors are designed to turn sensitive documents, photographs, and even credit cards into unreadable confetti with minimal effort. Bid goodbye to noisy electric shredders, and embrace the quick, manual, and portable nature of these scissors. While they’re a vital tool for your office or study, don’t let them be confined there. Their versatile design makes them equally useful in the kitchen. From shredding salads to dicing herbs, the Multi-Blade Shredder Scissors are a game changer in more ways than one.


  • 5 precision stainless steel blades
  • Manual operation for on-the-go convenience
  • Specially designed for confidential document shredding
  • Multi-functional use across home and office


What’s Included:

  • 1 Multi-Blade Shredder Scissors



  • Material: Stainless steel blades
  • Number of Blades: 5
  • Uses: Document shredding, kitchen prep, etc.