Oven Genie

Oven Genie: Sparkling Clean with a Swish!

Bullet points:

  • Fast-acting UK formulation
  • Easily tackles burnt-on grease
  • Minimal effort for maximum shine
  • Generous 500ml quantity
  • Leaves ovens gleaming



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Unleash the Magic of Oven Genie for Effortless, Sparkling Clean Ovens!

Introducing Oven Genie, your ultimate cleaning partner! We understand the hassle and effort that goes into scrubbing away those stubborn burnt-on grease stains. That’s why Oven Genie has been crafted with a unique formulation right here in the UK, designed specifically to tackle the most challenging oven grime.

No more endless scrubbing or using multiple products to get a half-decent result. With Oven Genie, you can now achieve that showroom shine with minimal effort. This fast-acting cleaner not only deals with stains effectively but also ensures your oven looks and feels as good as new.

Packaged in a handy 500ml bottle, it’s designed for multiple uses, ensuring longevity and great value for money. So, the next time you’re faced with an oven disaster, just reach for the Oven Genie and let it work its magic!


  • Fast-Acting Formula: Quickly dissolves even the toughest of grease stains.
  • Easy to Use: Designed for hassle-free application and results.
  • Economic Size: Comes in a generous 500ml bottle for extended use.
  • UK Formulation: Crafted with expertise for maximum effectiveness.
  • Versatile: Suitable for all standard oven types.


What’s Included:

  • 1 x 500ml Oven Genie Cleaner Bottle



  • Volume: 500ml
  • Formulation: Unique UK formulation
  • Suitable For: All standard ovens


Experience the magic of effortlessly clean ovens with Oven Genie – the trusted name in oven cleaning solutions.