Palio Ruby Bracelet

30 carats of genuine rubies!

Sku: 20362

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The only bracelet worthy of Italy’s most beautiful spectacleWhen it comes to grand European spectacles, it’s hard to beat the Palio di Siena. Twice a year, the city’s Piazza del Campo transforms into a dirt-covered arena. For every citizen of the Northern Italian city, nothing is more important than what happens in 90 seconds on the oval track. Ten riders on horseback represent different city districts. Only one will seize all the glory. Time stops when the race starts. And with the thunder of hooves and the roar of the crowd, a magnificent tradition of ritual and rivalry lives on.

My wife preferred the more polite pageantry of the Corteo Storico, the historic parade that precedes the race. It’s much less dangerous and you’ll never see a more impressive display of banners, costumes and sheer grandeur. It’s the Italian Renaissance come to life. I half expected to bump into a Medici on the street.

Afterward, I wanted to create a tribute to that grand Siena tradition. Something that could capture the passion and the history-a distinguished piece of jewelry worth getting excited about. It took longer than 90 seconds, but one exceptional design broke from the pack to pull off a photo finish: The Palio Ruby Necklace. I’m sure you’ll agree that we found our winner.

The Palio Ruby Necklace is a marriage of heritage and high fashion. Inside the floral-inspired, gold-fused metalwork, we’ve set 30 carats of enhanced faceted genuine rubies. These are the same luscious red stones coveted by European royals for centuries and each of the six spectacular ovals absolutely pops against the brilliant golden hue of the necklace. A truly amazing achievement. The 18″ necklace finishes with a medium-weight, gold-fused cable chain that secures with a lobster clasp.

But while we’re positive that you’ll adore the necklace, such an extravagant occasion deserves more. You deserve more. That’s why, when you wear the Palio Ruby Necklace, we will include the 30-carat Palio Ruby Bracelet for FREE. That’s right, another 30 full carats of genuine ruby…our gift to you. The only place you can experience the spectacle of the Palio di Siena is inside the Piazza del Campo. And the only place you can find 60 carats of natural ruby for under $150 is at Stauer!

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