Parisian Pearl Necklace

The truth about Paris after midnight

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I probably shouldn’t tell this story, but that’s never stopped me before. Curiosity got the best of me during a recent stop in Paris and I found myself strolling through Montmarte toward the Moulin Rouge. Yes, that Moulin Rouge. The same cabaret that was famous a hundred years ago for its showgirls and outrageous entertainment. I’d always wanted to see the Can-Can up close, so I headed for the big red windmill.

The show was racy enough to cause a blush or two, but I survived. Then a photo on the wall caught my eye. It was dancer Josephine Baker, drizzled in pearls from head to toe. Inspiration hit on the walk back to the hotel.

Our Parisian Pearl Necklace is an eye-catching celebration of the City of Lights with a seductive mix of ivory and bronze-colored genuine freshwater pearls. Each pearl connects with unique .925 sterling silver bead spacers. The elegant 18″ strand fastens with a gold vermeil fish hook clasp. It’s the classic with a twist, sophisticated with a splash of exotic charm. It’s not a stretch to picture Miss Baker herself, twirling these pearls onstage to the boom-chicka-boom of a snappy jazz trio. You can almost feel the heat of Paris as it sizzled.