Premium Hammertone Finish Bird Seed Feeder


Premium Seed Feeder with Smart Feeding Design

  • Clear plastic tube with feeding perches
  • Metal hanging loop for easy installation
  • Brown hammertone paint finish for durability
  • Convex metal base ensures seeds gravitate towards feeding ports
  • Easy to disassemble and clean

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Elevate your bird feeding experience with our premium seed feeder, designed for convenience and efficiency.

Our premium bird seed feeder is thoughtfully designed to provide birds with easy access to seeds while minimizing waste. The clear plastic tube is equipped with feeding perches and a metal hanging loop, making it simple to hang in your garden. The feeder features a brown hammertone paint finish for durability and aesthetic appeal. Inside, a convex metal base ensures that seeds gravitate towards the feeding ports as the seed level decreases, ensuring that your garden birds are always well-fed. Cleaning is a breeze thanks to the feeder’s easy disassembly feature, allowing you to maintain a safe and hygienic feeding environment for your feathered friends. Dimensions: Height: 31 cm, Width: 13 cm, Length: 10 cm.

What’s Included:

  • Premium Seed Feeder


  • Material: Plastic tube, metal components
  • Finish: Brown hammertone paint
  • Dimensions: Height: 31 cm, Width: 13 cm, Length: 10 cm

Ensure proper installation and cleaning to maintain optimal feeding conditions for birds.