Prokofiev & Saint Saens Peter & The Wolf / Carnival Of The Animals

27 Tracks Including: Peter andthe Wolf – Basil Rathbone,Introduction and Royal Marchof the Lion, Cocks and Hens,Wild Arses, Tortoises, Elephants,Kangaroos, Aquarium, PeopleWith Long Ears, Cuckoo in theHeart of the Woods, Aviary -Philharmonia Orchestra, Pianists,Fossils, The Swan, Finale.


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27 Tracks Including: Peter and the Wolf – Basil Rathbone, Introduction and Royal March of the Lion, Cocks and Hens, Wild Arses, Tortoises, Elephants, Kangaroos, Aquarium, People With Long Ears, Cuckoo in the Heart of the Woods, Aviary – Philharmonia Orchestra, Pianists, Fossils, The Swan, Finale.