Radiator Brush

Effortless Radiator Cleaning Solution

  • Slim and efficient design
  • Reaches challenging areas
  • Natural bristle brush
  • Ergonomic comfort handle
  • Easy storage with hanging hole



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Sku: H66239

Transform Cleaning with Tonkita Radiator Brush

Cleaning radiators – a task often dreaded because of the restricted spaces and difficulty accessing those hidden dust pockets. Enter Tonkita Radiator Brush, a game-changer for your cleaning routine. Specially crafted to effortlessly navigate behind radiators and other hard-to-reach areas, this brush ensures no corner remains untouched during your cleaning spree.

The beauty of the Tonkita Radiator Brush lies not just in its efficiency, but also its ergonomic design. The comfortable handle ensures a firm grip, reducing strain during prolonged use. Its slimline design coupled with natural bristles guarantees thorough cleaning even in the most constrained spaces.

Furthermore, storage is a breeze. The integrated hanging hole allows you to conveniently hang the brush, keeping it within arm’s reach and ensuring its bristles remain undamaged.


  • Precision-targeted slim design
  • Natural bristle for effective cleaning
  • Comfort grip handle for extended use
  • Integrated hanging hole for easy storage


What’s Included:

  • 1 Tonkita Radiator Cleaning Brush



  • Material: Natural bristles with ergonomic handle
  • Design: Slimline with hanging storage option