Red- Wrap Around Murano Bracelets

  • Made in Italy
  • Red – Murano in Italian yellow gold-finished mesh
  • Fits wrists to 8″
  • width 6mm

Sku: 47838

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Meet our latest wrap starAge-old Murano drops a modern vibe

Hoops strike a sculpted silhouette, crafted of .925 sterling silverPardon me while I drop a beat…Murano, Murano, old as time,gets superfly fresh in gold-finished mesheach bead be poppin, there be no a-stoppin,this Venetian art made from the heart the legend my friends, it is revived,you absolutely need a piece of this vibe…Word!

Okay, so I wont quit my day job, but seriously, these bracelets are destined to be a hit. Sixteen inches of gold-finished mesh wrap legendary Murano around your wrist for a perfect fusion of old and new. Since 1291, artisans on the Island of Murano have been creating jewelry that is considered the best in the world.

The bracelet you see here showcases this legendary art form with Murano beads handcrafted by impeccably-talented artisans. With each bead carefully made by hand, you are guaranteed a one-of-a-kind bracelet. After all, creative expression is a hallmark of Murano.

And, because we like to hang out with the talent, we got a great deal on this bracelet. Consider this your backstage pass to what promises to be a sold out performance.