Rossogemma Ruby Bracelet


Sku: 15622

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Which color would you instinctively associate with love and vitality, power and passion? It’s apparent, isn’t it? Red. Red is the color of human desire. It radiates warmth and a strong sense of being. And red is also the color of our lab-created RossoGemma Ruby Collection. The major difference between a lab-created ruby and a mined gemstone is their origins or “place of birth.” Natural gems are mostly found in the earth through destructive mining techniques, whereas, lab-created gems have there origins in a laboratory and are grown under carefully controlled methods to produce the exact color and clarity desired. The ring showcases two oval cut lab-created rubies totaling 3-1/5 carats, accented with 1-3/8 total carats white lab-created sapphires.

The pendant feature a 1-5/8 ctw lab-created red-hot dazzler, a 1/2 ctw lab-created white sapphire and two round scientifically grown DiamondAuras on an 18″ rope necklace which fastens with a spring clasp. The oval shaped earrings feature 3-1/3 ctw of lab-created ruby with 1 ctw lab-created white sapphires. The 7-1/2″ bracelet flashes 41 princess-cut lab-created rubies (15-3/4 ctw). Each fiery-red sparkler is prominently prong set to alternate with the smaller lab-created white sapphires (7 ctw) recessed between. Secures via box safety clasp. All pieces set in tarnish-free .925 sterling silver.