RSI Wrist Band

  • Reduces RSI Symptoms
  • Reduces wrist pain & tenderness
  • Reduces wrist weakness
  • Suitable for typing & repetitive activity
  • Easy to apply
  • For all-day wear
  • Suitable for all, men and women
  • One size fits all


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Its easy to forget how integral our wrist joints are to our overall everyday joint movement. Whether you spend long hours typing on a keyboard, operating machinery, or engaging in sports and physical activities that put a strain on the wrist, the RSI Wrist Band can provide the necessary relief to prevent or manage RSI symptoms effectively.

Developed by a Biomechanic expert, the RSI Band has been created using the latest mechanism and proprioception advancements. The proprioceptive system, located in our muscles and joints, is made up of receptor nerves that can sense tension and will pass this information to the brain to either contract or relax those specific muscles. The RSI band features specially designed proprioception nodules that send this same information to the brain which then feeds back to the wrist and helps to ease any tension.

How to wear your RSI Band Correctly

Place the band on your wrist, and make sure that the nodules are on the inside of the band so they are facing your skin.

Attach the band using the holes in the loop (you can cut to size if the band is too large for you). The band must be comfortable on your wrist, and not so tight as to restrict blood flow – wear it like you would a bracelet.

It is recommended to wear both bands for balanced assistance and relief.

You can wear the band as often as you like and is designed for daily use, it can even be worn in the shower or swimming pool. We do recommend taking it off for a few moments if left on for long periods of time.


Reduces RSI SymptomsReduces wrist pain & tendernessReduces wrist weaknessSuitable for typing & repetitive activityEasy to applyFor all-day wearSuitable for all, men and womenOne size fits allMaterial: Silicone