Ruby Drop Earrings (5ctw)


Sku: 19810

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5 Carats of RubiesIf you want to change the world, youve got to start with yourself. That’s always been our attitude. Its no secret that high-end retailers arent exactly thrilled with our offers. And thats just fine with us. Were changing the game one incredible deal at a time. Thats exactly why were offering you this stunning pair of 5-Carat Ruby Drop Earrings for a special price!

Each of your Ruby Drop Earrings features three faceted teardrops of genuine ruby, bezel-set in 14K gold-fused sterling silver. Each gem has been gently color-enhanced to coax out the richest reds of the worlds most passionate stone. Each drop is connected with golden links, allowing for maximum swing and sparkle. The earrings attach with swooping French hooks.

Were doing things to fine jewelry prices that have never been done before because here at Stauer were addicted to making you happy. We just cant help ourselves.