Scienza Lab Vreated Sapphire Pendant

Compose a new “Rhapsody” in Blue

Sku: 19138

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It takes millions of years for nature to create sapphires. The conditions have to be perfect. You need the right pressure, the right ingredients and of course, an ungodly amount of time. Even then, the final product will almost always be flawed. But science has perfected a process for creating sapphires that are optically identical to their natural counterparts. You can look for flaws and inclusions, but you won’t find any.

Our Scienza are scientifically-grown, crafted in laboratories with precise equipment that recreates the high pressures and heat that nature uses to produce gemstones far beneath the surface of the earth. Scienza are chemically identical to the natural gemstone and display a better color and sparkle than most mined corundum. Mined sapphires can cost up to $5,000 per carat for this level of color and clarity!

Today you can experience the stunning color of Scienza lab-created sapphires for one incredible price. This impressive 1-carat emerald-cut, lab-created sapphire pendant is set in gleaming .925 sterling silver. Surrounding the brilliant blue centerpiece are 14 lab-created DiamondAura rounds. A symphony of sparkle!

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