Self Coil Hose

Coil Hose: A Compact Solution for Watering Needs

  • Twist-Free and Kink-Free
  • Space-Saving Design
  • Available in 50ft and 100ft Lengths
  • Includes Connector and Multi-Function Spray Head

Sku: H63126-FIG

Coil Hose: Watering Made Simple and Efficient

Introducing the Coil Hose, the answer to all your watering woes. Bid adieu to the days of battling with tangling, twisting hoses. Our Coil Hose is the embodiment of efficiency. Its unique design allows for a smooth extension to any desired length, ensuring a steady water flow at all times. When done, watch it retract back to its compact size, effortlessly. Store it anywhere, its compactness allows for it to fit even in tight spaces. Plus, with a 4-function spray head, you’re equipped for every watering task. Be it a gentle mist for your plants or a strong spray for cleaning, choose what you need. The Coil Hose isn’t just another garden tool; it’s a revolution in watering.


  • Self-Coiling Tech: Smooth expansion and auto retraction.
  • Compact Storage: Designed for space constraints.
  • Varied Lengths: Catering to different garden sizes.
  • Adaptive Spray Head: From misting to jetting.


What’s Included:

  • The Coil Hose
  • A Tap Connector
  • 4-Mode Spray Head



  • Material: High-grade rubber and durable plastics
  • Length Choices: 50ft and 100ft
  • Spray Modes: Mist, Jet, Soak, Shower
  • Connector: Universal fit tap connector.