Sheba Natural Ruby Bracelet (30ctw)


Sku: 22831

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Huge rubies captured on safari

This is not an everyday necklace. Thats because it’s not every day we find a cache of genuine African rubies this gorgeous. While the impressive size and even more impressive price werent typical, the quality was everything weve come to expect. That’s because some of the finest rubies in history have come out of Africa. And that’s no surprise, considering the legendary lost mines of King Solomon are rumored to be somewhere on the continent. In 1949, an English prospector unearthed the fabled treasure trove, or so he thought. After months wandering the African bush he came across a basin littered with enormous rubies. Overwhelmed with excitement, he quickly set up camp. But he wasnt the only one who held claim to the land.

Miners often have to deal with rivals, but his problem was bigger, literally. Each day, miners would drive to the site, and each day they found the road blocked by fallen trees. Apparently, the local elephant herd was intent on keeping the miners away from their rubies. Lucky for you (and for us), we were able to avoid any wild animals to bring you this Sheba Natural Ruby Necklace.

Adorned with 30 carats of deep red, faceted natural rubies, this piece is bound to attract some jealous glances. Each radiant natural gemstone has been meticulously set into an ornate .925 sterling silver frame. Full of swirling details, the silverwork is absolutely stunning, and you may find yourself as impressed with it as you are with the rubies themselves. The garland of six oval rubies drapes elegantly from an 18 sterling-silver chain that secures with a lobster clasp. Others will wonder where you discovered such exotic gems. But they dont need to know you acquired such luxury for such a low price. And neither do the elephants.

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