Slugs Be Gone 3-in-1 Wool Pellets

Doff Slugs Be Gone: Natural Slug Control

  • Forms a protective mat to deter slugs
  • Absorbs moisture, making it difficult for slugs to cross
  • Releases beneficial nutrients as it degrades
  • Retains moisture, reducing the need for watering
  • Suitable for a variety of garden plants


Back In Stock: 29th May 2024

Sku: H66557

Keep Your Garden Safe with Doff Slugs Be Gone Wool Pellets

Say goodbye to pesky slugs with Doff Slugs Be Gone Wool Pellets. These innovative pellets swell upon contact with moisture, forming a protective mat that deters slugs from crossing. Embedded with minute abrasive fibers and particles, the felt-like mat irritates the slug’s foot, preventing them from accessing your prized plants. Additionally, the pellets absorb moisture from the slugs’ feet, further hindering their movement.

Not only do Doff Slugs Be Gone Wool Pellets act as an effective slug deterrent, but they also benefit your garden in other ways. As the material naturally degrades, it releases beneficial nutrients into the soil, promoting plant health and vitality. Furthermore, these pellets bind together, helping to retain moisture in the soil. This moisture retention feature reduces the need for frequent watering, making them ideal for pots, flower beds, baskets, and tubs.

What’s Included:

  • Doff Slugs Be Gone Wool Pellets


  • Suitable for: Fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, pots, flower beds, baskets, and tubs

Disclaimer: Handle with care and follow usage instructions provided on the packaging. Keep out of reach of children and pets.