Smart Track


Get Fit and Tone with Smart Trac

  • Total Body Workout
  • Adjustable Resistance
  • Easy Grip Handles
  • Low-Impact Fitness
  • Compact and Convenient

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Smart Trac: Your Key to Fitness and Toning

Whether you’re aiming for a better golf game, looking to tone up, or simply pursuing a healthier, fitter you, Smart Trac is your all-in-one solution. This innovative fitness tool is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals while toning your legs, stomach, chest, and arms, all with one convenient device.

Smart Trac’s easy grip handles provide the balance you need as you stretch and tone all your major muscle groups. What sets this apart is the versatility of its three color-coded tension bands, offering seven different levels of resistance. No matter your fitness level, Smart Trac caters to you. Say goodbye to the need for heavy weights or high-impact activities that can be tough on your joints and muscles. Smart Trac delivers the ultimate low-impact workout, suitable for everyone.

The action poles integrated into Smart Trac are a game-changer, working your upper and lower body simultaneously. This results in a truly comprehensive, full-body workout, with six distinct exercise routines to choose from, ensuring you’ll never get bored with your fitness regimen.

Smart Trac arrives complete with operational instructions and an exercise chart to get you started on the right foot. When your workout is done, it’s as simple as folding down Smart Trac for convenient storage, making it easy to access your fitness goals whenever you choose.

With Smart Trac, getting fit and toned has never been so achievable, adaptable, and convenient. Get ready to transform your fitness journey and experience the all-in-one power of Smart Trac.

Specifications (if relevant):

  • Adjustable Resistance: Seven levels to accommodate all fitness standards
  • Exercise Routines: Six different routines for variety
  • Low-Impact Fitness: Protects joints and muscles
  • Compact and Convenient: Folds down for easy storage
  • Disclaimer: Please consult a fitness professional before starting a new exercise routine, and follow the included exercise chart and instructions for proper use.