SPIRIT Men’s Khaki Strap Chronograph Watch


Performance Chronograph: Athletic Precision on Your Wrist

  • Bold black gloss dial for stark contrast and visibility
  • Durable 44mm alloy case for robust daily wear
  • Adjustable khaki strap for secure and stylish fit
  • Generous 30mm lug width for a substantial look
  • Trusted quartz movement for accurate timekeeping

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Precision Meets Athletic Elegance in Every Second

Elevate your game with the SPIRIT Men’s Khaki Strap Chronograph Watch, a true testament to the fusion of athletic functionality and modern aesthetics. Featuring a striking black gloss dial, this watch is designed to offer enhanced readability while making a bold statement on your wrist.

The 44mm alloy case provides a sturdy and masculine presence, suitable for both outdoor adventures and everyday urban wear. The khaki-coloured adjustable strap is not just a nod to contemporary style; it also ensures a perfect fit for any activity, allowing you to move with confidence and comfort.

At the heart of this chronograph is the reliable quartz movement, ensuring that you’re always on time, whether you’re heading to a meeting or timing your laps. The sporty yet sleek design, coupled with a 30mm lug width, adds a touch of sophistication to this rugged timepiece.


  • A sleek black gloss dial for clear time display and immediate impact
  • Robust 44mm alloy case built for endurance and longevity
  • Comfortable and stylish khaki strap that adjusts to fit your wrist perfectly
  • Wide lug width for a powerful and modern aesthetic
  • Battery-powered quartz movement for unwavering precision

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or looking for a watch that can keep up with your dynamic lifestyle, the SPIRIT Men’s Khaki Strap Chronograph Watch is engineered to blend performance with style, making every second count.