Standard Suet Fat Ball Bird Feeder

Versatile Feeding for Joyful Birds!

  • Built-in handle for easy placement
  • Holds 4x 100g fat balls
  • Durable plastic-coated metal mesh construction
  • Suitable for suet fat balls, cheese, fruit, and leftovers

Sku: H93824

A Feast for Birds, a Symphony for Your Garden!

Elevate your garden’s allure and attract a diverse array of delightful birds with our versatile suet fat ball feeder. Crafted from resilient plastic-coated metal mesh, this feeder is not only perfect for suet fat balls but also caters to an array of other treats, from cheese and fruit to kitchen leftovers. Its ingenious design and size make it an irresistible hub for an eclectic mix of bird species, transforming your outdoor space into a captivating aviary.

The feeder’s construction ensures it’s a reliable addition to your garden. The plastic-coated metal mesh is robust and resilient, providing a sturdy platform for your feathered visitors. The mesh squares are thoughtfully designed to allow birds to take as little or as much as they desire, giving them the freedom to enjoy their feast at their own pace.

Our suet fat ball feeder boasts a generous capacity, capable of holding 4x 100g fat balls. This means fewer refills and more time to appreciate the lively presence of your avian companions. The easy-to-open lid simplifies refilling, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you and a continuous supply of nourishment for the birds.

Using this feeder is effortless. Fill it with suet fat balls, cheese, fruit, or leftovers, and hang it on a branch or feeding station using the built-in handle. Whether you have a sprawling garden or limited space, our feeder is designed to fit seamlessly into any environment, inviting a symphony of bird songs that’s bound to make your heart soar.


  • Convenient built-in handle for easy placement
  • Versatile design suitable for suet fat balls, cheese, fruit, and kitchen leftovers
  • Durable plastic-coated metal mesh construction
  • Holds up to 4x 100g fat balls


  • Dimensions: W8.5 x L8.5 x H31cm
  • Weight: 0.12kg

Welcome the charm of nature’s melodies into your garden with our suet fat ball feeder. Embrace the joy of observing vibrant birds indulging in their feast, turning your outdoor space into a haven of tranquility and wonder.