Stauer Atomic 14 Chronograph

  • Stauer Atomic 14 Chronograph: Silicon Valley Innovation
  • Stainless Steel, Carbon Fiber Bezel, Blue Silicone Strap
  • Precision Crystal Movement: 32,768 Cycles Per Second
  • Deviates Only One Second Per Day
  • Affordable Excellence Without Overpaying


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Silicon Valley Meets Horology: The Atomic 14 Chronograph

Where Innovation and Precision Converge

Since the 1970s, Silicon Valley has been the birthplace of high-tech American innovations, from computers to smartphones to groundbreaking apps. It’s a dynamic hub of ceaseless research and development, where colossal investments pave the way for transformative ideas that redefine our way of life.

The Stauer Atomic 14 Chronograph, aptly named after silicon’s atomic number, embodies the spirit of innovation that resonates from the heart of Silicon Valley. Crafted with stainless steel construction, a carbon fiber bezel, and a bold blue silicone strap, this watch exudes a cutting-edge aesthetic that is impossible to overlook. However, this timepiece isn’t solely about revolutionary form; it’s equally focused on formidable function.

The Atomic 14 Chronograph is powered by an incredibly precise crystal movement, oscillating at a frequency of 32,768 cycles per second. This exceptional movement ensures that the watch keeps time with astounding accuracy, deviating by only one second per day. While many Silicon Valley ventures demand substantial capital and a series of funding rounds, the Atomic 14 Chronograph breaks the mold by offering affordability without compromising on quality.

This groundbreaking timepiece is designed for the man who dares to diverge from the norm, values unwavering chronograph performance, and possesses the discernment not to overpay for excellence. If this description resonates with you, then prepare to go Atomic.

Key Features:

  • Movement: Precision Crystal Movement.
  • Construction: Stainless Steel Case, Caseback, and Crown, Carbon Fiber Bezel.
  • Strap: Blue Silicone Strap.
  • Functionality: Date Window at 3 o’clock, Chronograph Function.
  • Case Dimensions: 48mm Case Diameter, 16mm Case Thickness.

The Atomic 14 Chronograph is more than a watch; it’s a fusion of Silicon Valley’s innovation and horological precision. Embrace this timepiece that embodies the future while respecting the past. Get ready to go Atomic.