Sterling Silver Black Diamond Stud Earrings

  • total carat weight
  • Black diamond, 3.5mm round cut, carat each
  • .925 Sterling Silver Setting with Rhodium Finish
  • Post Back Clasp

Sku: 46378

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Release the Inner Bad Girl!White diamondsso romantic, so traditional, so… expected. Todays woman has thrown boring polite convention to the wind. Shes letting out a little of her wild child. And isnt that just the way we like it?

So to celebrate true liberationfrom staid convention to the freedom to embrace excitement, Stauer is mischievously pleased to release the Noire Black Diamond Stud Earrings.

And since the prices on black diamonds arent controlled by some foreign syndicate, your price on this genuine diamond is very affordable. Just remember what Henry Ford said, You can have any color as long as its black. So stay out late, hop on that motorcycle, laugh a little too loud, and keep that twinkle in your eye.