Suet Fat Balls – Pack of 6

Nutrient-Packed Suet Fat Balls

  • Pack of 6 suet fat balls
  • Rich in nutrients to attract wild birds
  • Suitable for feeding tables or bird feeders
  • Encourages a variety of bird species
  • Convenient and easy to use

Sku: H93907

Bring Nature to Your Garden with Nutrient-Rich Suet Fat Balls

Invite the beauty of nature into your garden with our Suet Fat Balls, a pack of 6 nutrient-packed treats designed to attract a variety of wild birds. Packed full of essential nutrients, these fat balls provide a delicious and energy-rich snack for feathered visitors, ensuring your garden is bustling with life.

Whether placed on a feeding table or filled into one of our specially designed bird feeders, these Suet Fat Balls are guaranteed to entice a diverse range of bird species. Watch as your garden becomes a haven for beautiful birds, bringing joy and vitality to your outdoor space.

Convenient and easy to use, our Suet Fat Balls offer a hassle-free way to enhance your garden and create a welcoming environment for wildlife. Simply place them in your preferred feeding spot and enjoy the sight of birds flocking to enjoy their wholesome snack.

What’s Included:

  • Pack of 6 Suet Fat Balls


  • Quantity: 6 fat balls per pack
  • Ingredients: Nutrient-rich suet mixture
  • Application: Suitable for feeding tables or bird feeders