Thirsty Dirt Grabber Mat

Thirsty Dirt Grabber: Keep the Outdoors Out!

  • Super-absorbent cotton and microfibres trap dirt and moisture
  • Non-slip rubber backing for safety
  • Ideal for pet owners and gardeners
  • Available in coffee, slate, and linen colours
  • Choose from four sizes for versatility

Sku: 82089X-FIG

Introducing Thirsty Dirt Grabber: Your Ultimate Solution to Keeping the Outdoors Out!

Say goodbye to messy floors and dirt-tracked interiors with the revolutionary Thirsty Dirt Grabber. This extraordinary product does more than just catch dirt – it locks it out! Designed to replace ordinary doormats, the Thirsty Dirt Grabber functions as a magnetic barrier against dust, mud, wet leaves, rainwater, and even snow. Whether you’re a proud pet owner or a passionate gardener, the Thirsty Dirt Grabber is your essential tool for maintaining a clean and inviting home.

What sets the Thirsty Dirt Grabber apart is its powerful combination of materials. Constructed from millions of super-absorbent cotton and microfibres (70/30 per cent), this innovative creation not only captures dirt effectively but also soaks up moisture with exceptional efficiency. The result? A floor that stays dry and clean, no matter what the weather throws at it. Additionally, the Thirsty Dirt Grabber boasts a rubber backing that guarantees non-slip safety, ensuring stability and protection for your family and guests.

Available in three versatile colours – coffee, slate, and linen – the Thirsty Dirt Grabber seamlessly integrates into your home’s decor while making a statement of its own. Its functionality and style are perfectly suited for various living situations. Whether you’re welcoming guests, returning from a stroll with your beloved pet, or tending to your garden, the Thirsty Dirt Grabber will effortlessly tackle the mess and leave your floors looking pristine.

Choose from four sizes to accommodate different spaces and needs, ensuring that every corner of your home benefits from this incredible innovation. Embrace a cleaner, more inviting living environment with the Thirsty Dirt Grabber.


What’s Included:

  • Thirsty Dirt Grabber (selected size and colour)



  • Material: Super-absorbent cotton and microfibres (70/30 per cent)
  • Backing: Non-slip rubber for safety
  • Colors: Coffee, slate, linen
  • Sizes: Available in four sizes for versatile use