Triple Watch Winder

  • Triple Watch Winder for automatic timepieces.
  • Prevents self-winding watch mechanisms from stopping.
  • Electric-powered timer for rotation and resting intervals.
  • Individual on/off switches for each watch compartment.
  • Suitable for automatic and “battery-less” quartz watches.

Sku: 36299

Don’t lose track of time…

Keep up to three automatic watches wound and on time.

Much like our faithful four-legged friends, your favorite automatic watch is happiest when taken for a walk. A stroll in the park. A quick jog to the corner. The watch doesn’t care, so long as it’s moving. It’s the constant motion that keeps a self-winding mechanism working. Leave a watch sitting still for too long, and time literally stops dead.

Thankfully, we can spare you such tragedy. The Triple Watch Winder is designed for the automatic watch aficionado to ensure your automatic watches keep running in style. The secret is an electric-powered timer that automatically rotates your watch for one hour followed by three hours of rest. Each watch compartment has its own on/off switch, and this winder also works great for “battery-less” quartz watches. This slim tower has a classic leather-inspired exterior and an ultra-soft velveteen interior to prevent scratching. AC adapter included.