Tyrian Amethyst Collection Necklace



Sku: 24246

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New! The color that ruled the worldYou can defy the ancient emperors and bring home 100 carats of perfect purple amethyst!Tyrian purple is a color so luxurious that in Roman times it was reserved for the Emperor alone. The rare Imperial hue was made with natural dye extracted from a very specific species of sea snail. The purple not only looked magnificent, it actually deepened with exposure to sunlight. But it took 12,000 snails and hours of manpower to produce just a gram and a half of dye. So the Emperor passed a Sumptuary Law decreeing only he may wear the color. And he was deadly serious about enforcing it.

The Roman Empire has fallen, so its now safe to be seen in this royal hue. And what better way to indulge than with our Tyrian Amethyst Necklace, 100 carats of vivid violet gemstones. Since were being sumptuous, we paired the polished purple beads with exquisitely designed spacers, finished in luxurious yellow gold.

In Ancient Rome this necklace could have been the end of you, but today its more like a glamorous new beginning.

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