Vipers Skiffle Group – Don’t You Rock

Journey Through Classic Skiffle & Folk.

  • Timeless tracks from iconic genres.
  • From “Rock Island Line” to “Easy Rider”.
  • Two special Skiffle Party medleys included.
  • Experience the roots of folk music.


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Sku: CD2046

A nostalgic ride through skiffle and folk’s greatest hits.

“Timeless Tunes: Skiffle & Folk Classics” is a curated collection of the most celebrated songs from the skiffle and folk genres. Whether you’re reminiscing with “If I Had a Hammer” or singing along to “Last Train To San Fernando,” each track promises to transport listeners to a golden era of music. This CD not only features individual classics but also treats fans with two unique “Skiffle Party” medleys, weaving multiple hits into cohesive musical journeys. Perfect for enthusiasts and newcomers alike, this compilation captures the heart and soul of skiffle and folk music. Dive in and let the timeless tunes captivate your spirit.